Fire Station & Helicopter


Fire Station & Helicopter (10970)
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The LEGO DUPLO Rescue Fire Station & Helicopter (10970) is the perfect playset for preschoolers. With cool details and fascinating features, young children can become immersed in the world of firefighting. The set includes a Push&Go fire engine toy and helicopter toy, with lights flashing and siren sounding as they head out to help. With a fire-fighting team and various tools to put out fires, children can engage in developmental role play while improving their fine motor skills and emotional awareness. Parents can share in their child's milestones as they explore the set's open-ended possibilities. This worry-free learning tool measures over 14.5 in. (37 cm) high, 18.5 in. (48 cm) wide and 16.5 in. (43 cm) deep and contains 117 pieces. Join the mission and ignite your child's imagination with the LEGO DUPLO Rescue Fire Station & Helicopter.

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