The Training Grounds


The Training Grounds (21183)
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Set Details

The LEGO Minecraft The Training Grounds (21183) set is an exciting and versatile playset that will provide children aged 8+ with hours of creative construction and imaginative play. This set consists of a large and detailed Minecraft house, complete with a dojo upstairs where the warriors live and train, and a blacksmith's cave downstairs where kids can craft and repair their weapons. With a trapdoor that connects the 2 levels, a marauding skeleton for battle action, and a myriad of customizable play and display possibilities, this set is endlessly versatile and rewarding. It also includes classic Minecraft characters, making it a standout gift for any Minecraft or model-making enthusiast. With authentic details, cool features, and fun accessories, this set is sure to delight kids and fans of the game alike.

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