Andrea's Theater School


Andrea's Theater School (41714)
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Get ready for the spotlight with Andrea’s Theater School (41714)! This set is perfect for kids who love acting and drama. The beautiful theater building opens up to reveal a stage with backdrops, seating, dressing room, props room, lights rigging, and 4 mini-dolls. With its hinged design, the building looks just like a London West End theater. Inside, the textile curtains roll back to reveal the stage and an assortment of props to spark creative play. With Victorian façade and detailed model features including a nighttime cityscape and medieval castle backdrop, kids can spin the theater round and explore the rigging for the lights and dressing room. LEGO® Friends Andrea, Ollie, and Freya are ready to practice under the tutelage of Professor Adrian. When fully opened, this set measures over 9 inches high, 15 inches wide, and 5 inches deep, making a colorful display centerpiece. The interactive guide also provides instructions for the digital age, letting kids zoom and rotate the model in 3D as they build. Get ready for an epic performance with Andrea’s Theater School!

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