Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions


Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions (60354)
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Let your kids step into the shoes of heroes and explore the mysteries of space with the LEGO City Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions (60354) toy playset. This interactive game features cool toys that are perfect for kids over 6 years old to use real LEGO bricks and complete exciting on-screen missions. With a mission spacecraft, planet rover, 3 minifigures, a robo-dog figure, and numerous LEGO pieces, children can solve story-led building challenges while developing their creativity and problem-solving abilities. They can customize the spaceship, meet some fantastic on-screen characters and launch into thrilling adventures that help them learn and save the day. This app-driven LEGO City Missions playset makes an excellent gift for any occasion, from birthdays to holidays. With stringent quality standards, this set is safe and compatible with all LEGO components, making it fun and easy for children to play and learn. Let your kids' inner adventurer soar with the LEGO City Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions playset!

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