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Big Spike’s Cloudtop Challenge Expansion Set


Big Spike’s Cloudtop Challenge Expansion Set (71409)
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Updated 04/03/2024
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Set Details

Get ready to take on the challenge with the LEGO Super Mario Big Spike’s Cloudtop Challenge Expansion Set (71409). Here, kids can dive into a sky level and battle 3 popular enemies from the Super Mario video games – a Big Spike, a Boomerang Bro, and a Piranha Plant. Featuring familiar challenges and scenarios from the game, the set allows players to earn digital coins as they help their LEGO Mario, Luigi, or Peach figures (not included) defeat their opponents. Kids can dodge the spiked roller thrown by the Big Spike, jump on the orange Mushroom Trampolines to reach the Boomerang Bro, and use the Super Star Block to conquer the Piranha Plant. Kids can mix and rebuild this modular set with other LEGO Super Mario toys, and take on new adventures. Compatible with the LEGO Super Mario app, this 540-piece playset makes a perfect birthday or holiday gift for kids aged 7+. Solo or social play promises hours of coin-collecting fun and unlimited creative challenges.

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